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Feb 5, 2017
UAG TOUR was eye-opener
A little about me...
I’m a non-trad older Pre-Med with over 10 years Medical experience. My gpa is low...no excuse totally a choice to work so I could pay off personal debt and I have no school debt...so guess what... I have to be accountable for my gpa gone wrong...long story short
I went to UAG tour Friday, actually I’m still in Guadalajara my flight was canceled. Lol.
I connected with a few students. Tour was very brief, tour guide let me peek in cadaver Lab (she literally opened door and let me look in and closed it quickly) I witnessed a lecture given in English I understood the accent. There is a Latin Med program and a international program(US students attend) the Campus is closed on weekends completely! Great!
Uber is on the scene and on the bright side they are building a brand new SIMS Lab Yayyyyyy...be prepared to wear all White
FYI...they smoke all over this campus
I was told that AMSA American Medical Student Association representatives here functions like SGA for American students.

Look... I may have to go here or a Caribbean Med school I need to have a very impressive MCAT. To get into an American Med school.

If you want to succeed here you have to be super serious and align your selves with students that are just as serious...buy outside study materials. Have your Spanish on lockdown and score high on step 1&2 and a lot of prayer to get in a residency in a part of US that has a heavy need for Spanish speaking physicians...
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Nov 14, 2018
Thank you for this! Did they share stats with you?
I was told this morning that they have a 70% US residency match and 78% pass rate for USMLE Step 1.
I am also looking at the school. Not because of terrible stats, but because I genuinely love Guadalajara and would love to spend time there while studying medicine. :)
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