ubc class of 2019

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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey guys, so I'm an out of province applicant and I really want to get into UBC pharmacy. I'm a third year sports nutrition student at mcgill right now. I know that next year they have changed the degree to a PharmD. So what should I expect? Will it be tougher to get in? more people applying or less? I honestly don't know what my chances are to get in. I know they look at the CGPA of your last 30 credits...my overall average is like an GPA 81 for that sofar..we'll see how I do this semester. My pre-req scores are nothing special, because I ****** up junior college (cegep here in quebec) like 3 years ago with like 60s and 70s..the occasional 80. I also did some pre reqs like microbio/genetics..biochem here at mcgill and got decent marks .. A-, B+..ect. But overall, my pre req gpa isn't great, probably in the low 70s or mid 70s at best. thanks - See more at: http://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/ubc-pharmacy-class-of-2019.1104134/#sthash.Sbv93SND.dpuf

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Hi everyone applying to the 2015 year UBC Pharmacy.

I'm looking to start practicing MMI's! is anyone down?