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Did anyone apply to UC Davis? did all of you who applied receive a secondary application from the school?

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As an entering MS1 at UCD, I can tell you that there is a pre-secondary screen that happens, so you won't get a secondary automatically. It takes the UCs a little longer to get their secondaries out b/c of this. Good luck!

Hey- I applied to UCD last year and only got a secondary in the mid-late summer. I then heard absolutely nothing from then until mid-april when they invited me to interview. I agree with zolie- the UCs can take a little longer since they actually screen their primary applications. Be patient- and don't worry!
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To zolie and cruella,

how does this pre-secondary application work? do all students get one?
MTY: there's no pre-secondary application. Rather, the UCs (unlike most med schools) screen your primary application to see IF they will send you a secondary. Most schools will send a secondary to anyone with a pulse. UCs are cool in that they only send secondaries to people with a certain minimum level of credentials (probably just MCAT & GPA); if you get a UC secondary, that actually means something! So it takes them longer to send out secondaries than most schools.