UCI vs Miami Miller

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May 12, 2023
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University of California, Irvine
  • Amazing weather and the wonderful laid back lifestyle that Southern California offers
  • 2 hours from parents/home with my support network from undergrad surrounding me as well
  • Great match statistics and increased chances to end up in SoCal after school
  • The med school is on the undergrad campus, which I think would provide great opportunities for hobbies/socializing/intramurals/etc
  • Both my best friend from college's mom and the PI of my current research position used to work at UCI, meaning I would have great chances for mentors and connections
  • Probably more prestigious than Miami

  • Even with in state tuition, total yearly cost will be closer to 70k (potentially lower if I can get into on campus housing and get better financial aid offers in future years)
  • 2 year pre-clinical

University of Miami
  • Full tuition scholarship, meaning my cost of living will be around 40k per year, and makes me feel like I am a top priority of the school
  • 1.5 preclinical with a focus on utilizing that extra time for research and improving residency candidacy
  • Family connections within the university that would be amazing in helping to find mentors and opportunities
  • Miami would be a super fun city to live in during my 20s

  • Far from home and have never visited Miami before
  • Less prestigious on a national scale
  • Solid match statistics, but would be more difficult to return home to California
  • Ranked P/F

Summary: Overall, my decision is coming down to weighing the values of cost vs prestige/home. Both places seem to match the work/life emphasis I want and are located in amazing parts of the country. All of my physician mentors have told me to disregard costs and seem to want me to stay at home with Irvine, but it's difficult to get past the scholarship I was lucky enough to receive from Miami. All financial things equal I would choose Irvine, but I'm not sure if the ~120k difference over 4 years is worth passing up.

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definitely a hard choice but being close to family and support is a really big thing imo, and miami is across the country so if you value being close to family that’s a big change. Especially if you want to do residency in CA then UCI would be more helpful