UCLA vs UC Berkeley (Cal)


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Apr 7, 2018
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I need help! I have been stressing over this decision and need some suggestions!

I will be visiting both campuses to see if I end up preferring one location/life style over the other, but I don't think that would play as important as a factor compared to the program/academics there.

UCLA major (Pre-Human Biology and Society BS)
UC Berkeley major (College of Letters and Science, applied for Integrative Biology)

For UCLA, I got the regents scholarship and benefits. I think financial aid is similar for both (still waiting on letters b/c of document issues).

I want to know which school would prepare me better for med school, if grade deflation is different between the two schools, if regents is going to be that beneficial, and how much support there is in each school regarding opportunities and resources for pre-med students.

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