1. W

    Misunderstood UCLA deadline, missed by 6hrs, what to do next?

    Unfortunately I misunderstood my secondary deadline time. I was supposed to submit it by 3am this morning. I mistakenly believed I had to submit it by sometime today and am wondering what, if anything I can do at this point. I am first gen and trying to figure out how to navigate this. Any...
  2. D

    UCLA extension vs UC San Diego Extension

    Wondering about some of the differences between taking classes at UCLA vs UCSD. Which has classes that are easier to get into? Are the class sizes generally the same? Out of San Diego and Los Angeles, which area would you recommend?
  3. F

    UCLA vs UMass

    Hello! I am extremely grateful to be in this position and to have these opportunities. I would love some advice while making this decision! Thank you all so much! Some things to consider: I am not fixed on any speciality just yet. However, my interests currently lie in some competitive...
  4. T

    School Prestige vs. Peer Advantage vs. Student Support - What Undergrad School Equates to Success?

    Hey everyone, I’m facing a big transfer decision and am looking for some help in working through it in my mind. I am at community college now, have a 4.0 GPA and have applied to transfer to Stanford, CAL, UCLA (via Honors TAP), UC Santa Barbara, UC Davis (via TAG), UC Santa Cruz & Santa Clara...
  5. F

    Help! prelim interview date swap for UCLA Olive View

    Hi, anyone has an interview date at UCLA Olive View prelim medicine scheduled for 1/6 that could be swapped to 1/5? It would be mean that I could actually interview at the program and I would be eternally grateful. Happy to buy you postmates dinner and boba. Thank you!!
  6. YJLEE1129

    UCLA vs USC

    Hi Everyone I am happy to inform that I got acceptance at both UCLA and USC for the Advanced Standing Program. Can you all please provide some insights on both these schools? I think both of them have nice campuses and cost similarly; however, I care more about how they conduct the clinic part...
  7. U

    UCLA Radiology Residency Virtual Meet & Greet - Join us on Oct. 1st & 8th from 6-7pm PST

    Happy Wednesday everyone, hope everyone is having a great September so far! Our UCLA Radiology residency program is hosting two upcoming virtual sessions for prospective applicants interested in learning more about our program. These will occur on October 1st and 8th from 6:00-7:00 pm PST. We...
  8. U

    UCLA Internal Medicine - AMA

    Hey everyone!~ I'm a UCLA intern at Ronald Reagan Medical center, and I wanted to start a AMA for all of the applicants this year! I love my program and I really want to share everything about it that makes it so wonderful, but also give an honest review of some of the aspects we could improve...
  9. D

    UCLA vs. Northwestern

    Help please! Which one should I pick! Love the vibe at NW and was super set on it until getting off the waitlist at UCLA. I am from the east coast so UCLA is FAR. Super torn still waiting to see if UCLA gives me any financial aid.
  10. V

    Help a confused student

    Hello all! I just got my college acceptances back for my undergraduate schools! Right now, I'm stuck between two different universities and was wondering if any of you guys could help me with that. I know that the UCs aren't typically good pre-med programs, but I was wondering which of these...
  11. Itsnotludwigs

    Los Angeles GPRs - trying to compile a list!

    I'm trying to compile a complete list of all the match and non-match GPR programs in LA. Here are the programs I've found so far: 1) USC 2) UCLA 3) Harbor - UCLA Medical Center 4) VA Greater LA Health Care System 5) Veterans Admin Medical Center - Sepulveda 6) Rancho Los Amigos National...
  12. LindaAccepted

    Medical Why Does an MD Need an MBA? This UCLA MD/MBA Student Tells All

    Interview with Trisha Mathelier, MD/MBA student at UCLA [Show Summary] In today’s episode Trisha Mathelier, an MD/MBA student with the Drew/UCLA Medical Education Program, shares her medical school journey as well as what led her to decide on getting an MBA in addition to her medical degree. She...
  13. artist2022

    *** The Official UCLA School of Dentistry Class of 2024 Interview/Acceptance Thread ***

    Last year's thread: ***The Official UCLA School of Dentistry Class of 2023 Interview/Acceptance Thread*** Hey guys! Definitely early for this but if you have any questions about applying to UCLA or about its program, post here! There are many incoming D1s on here (I'm sure they'll reveal...
  14. artist2022

    AAA: Ask Artist Anything :) → D1 @ UCLA

    Have always wanted to do one of these, so here I start and hopefully I'll remember to do one every year :) I'm currently halfway through my last quarter as a D1, and in like 6 weeks I'll have a 2 week summer break and be a D2!! :soexcited: Ask me (almost) anything. From applying to scrubs to...
  15. Smallvillain

    Yale (COA) vs UCLA (COA)

    Hello, I have been extremely fortunate to receive the geffen scholarship from UCLA and the full financial aid scholarship from Yale. Geffen is full tuition and fees +~32K/year stipend for everything Yale would be full tuition and fees plus ~21500 stipend a year. Though, I would apply every...
  16. R

    UCLA (Need-Based Scholarship) vs. UC Davis (Merit-Based Scholarship)

    Hey guys! I've been fortunate enough to receive acceptances at two wonderful locations, however, I'm struggling to decide which place would be a better fit for the next four years of my life. UCLA DGSOM vs UC Davis UCLA Pros: Prestige - may help with residency applications Attended undergrad...
  17. H

    UCLA (Geffen Scholarship) vs Yale (full COA)

    Hi! Plz help UCLA Pros Geffen Scholar Prestige, merit award Cali Weather Ranked 6 for research, 5 for primary care chill program, class optional Cons Far away from family Far away from girlfriend (serious relationship, marriage within 1-4 years likely) I think I want to match in northeast...
  18. S


    Hi All, This application cycle is finally winding down for me. I've narrowed it down to two schools, NYU and UCLA. I'm California born and raised, and eventually I would love to settle down in Northern California, near my family and significant other. UCLA seems like a great fit in terms of...
  19. M

    Taking Physics over the summer?

    So I'm a 1st year UCLA student with a major in Music, and I've been taking only math, biology, and chemistry courses this entire year (no major reqs) to get my pre med reqs out of the way before I start doing my music courses. However, I realized that I can't fit physics into my schedule and...
  20. B

    International trained dentist

    Hello! I would like to ask you as a foreign dentist who wants to study in UCLA do I need to take the DAT test or I need to take only the Toefl exam and the NBDE 1 and 2 part?
  21. Stoppingtheworld

    UCLA Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Enrichment Program (PREP) 2019

    Hello All, Would someone be able to explain to me what the process is like getting into UCLA PREP? I have my interview in a few days but I noticed that some spots have already been awarded. How does this work?
  22. marcosma

    Choosing between applying to Drew/UCLA or just DGSOM?

    Hello! I am trying to figure out if I should apply to Drew/UCLA or just apply to DGSOM. I do have an interest in working with underserved populations and I have a good amount of experience working with underrepresented/first-gen/low-income high school students. I also worked in Anaheim in an...
  23. nitiwire

    Utah vs. UCSF/UCLA

    Yesterday was the deadline to put a deposit at Utah and so I put down 1000 there. But after doing more thinking, now I think I might want to go to one of my state schools. Deadline for a deposit is tomorrow. Here we go. Utah (IS tuition, I go to a Utah school and qualify for IS tuition): PRO...
  24. F

    UCLA AEGD Westwood Overview?

    hi guys I’m an international dentist and I was keen to apply for the aegd we stood UCLA. However I understand for a non coda grad it’s pretty competitive. However what’s the overview by on the ACT AEGD programme that the dept also offers? Is it worth the money to pursue it? I’m interested in...
  25. S

    non traditional situation- looking for some advice

    I am in a little bit of a unique situation, so I was hoping to get some advice from anyone that might have some insight! About me; I just completed a post bacc from an ivy league school (im not sure how relevant that is, but for the sake of disclosure). My undergrad GPA is 3.7 (UCLA)...
  26. S

    Chair Leaving UCLA for UPMC - Why?

    Why does a guy spend his whole career in LA, then move to the midwest?
  27. sherer1

    What's the difference between problem and hardship? (UCLA Secondary)

    The David Geffen secondary app has two essay questions, one of them asks to describe a problem in your life and another asks if you've had any hardships you'd like to talk about. I'm having a hard time differentiating the two, is problem supposed to be something small? The problems I've had in...
  28. H

    Advice for incoming Freshman PreMed?

    I will be starting as a freshman at UCLA this year and I have heard many terrifying rumors about the competitiveness and weed out classes. Any advice from other Pre Meds as to how to overcome this competitiveness? Tips and Tricks would be greatly appreciated. Im also stressed about when to find...
  29. D

    School list

    I know this question is always asked, but I would like some help with choosing schools to apply to. Stats: 1. 23 DAT AA, 21 P, 20 QR, 20 RC, 25 Bio, 23 GC, 26 OC, 24 TS 2. North Dakota Resident (We don't have a dental school, so I plan to apply largely to WICHE schools because I get money and...
  30. C

    Where should I apply?

    Hey! So I will be applying this summer but I am still trying to solidify my list of where I am going to apply. Mainly, I am debating whether I should even try applying to schools like Harvard, Penn, UCLA, and UCSF (Also, Baylor sounds like a great option however I have heard that it is really...
  31. D

    Best undergrad UC as a cc transfer student?

    Hey All, I am currently a community college student who is about to transfer to an UC. I am super grateful that I've been accepted to all 9 UC's, but now I am in the process of deciding which one to go to. I have narrowed it down to between UCSD (erc), UCLA, and UC Davis. Are there any other...
  32. E

    UCLA vs Cornell

    Hi all, I am on the waitlist at UCLA and accepted at Cornell, but I am still having a tough time deciding between the two schools. I want to flesh out my thoughts before I make a final decision, so I thought this might be a helpful venue for that. Pros and cons are below. Any advice would be...
  33. H

    UC Berkeley vs Others

    Hello all, I've been in a predicament in regards to a college decision. I've been interested in pursuing medicine, so I want to get into a Pre-Med track. I've been trying to compare UC Berkeley vs UCLA vs University of Minnesota TC vs UW Madison. I just wanted to gain a better perspective about...
  34. P

    Help in deciding undergrad!

    Hi! I am currently deciding between Cal Poly SLO, UCLA, and UC Berkeley. My goal is to go to physical therapy school and I want to go to the school that will make me the most competitive candidate to get into a good school. I'm having a tough time deciding if the prestige of Berkeley/UCLA will...
  35. R

    UCLA vs UC Berkeley (Cal)

    I need help! I have been stressing over this decision and need some suggestions! I will be visiting both campuses to see if I end up preferring one location/life style over the other, but I don't think that would play as important as a factor compared to the program/academics there. UCLA major...
  36. R

    UCLA vs UC Berkeley (Cal)

    I need help! I have been stressing over this decision and need some suggestions! I will be visiting both campuses to see if I end up preferring one location/life style over the other, but I don't think that would play as important as a factor compared to the program/academics there. UCLA major...
  37. D

    UCSB vs UC Davis vs UCLA vs Case Western for Premed

    I am a current high school senior in California, and I was lucky enough to be accepted into UCSB (honors), UC Davis (regents), UCLA, and Case Western Reserve University. I'm having trouble choosing between these four institutions. Any help would be much appreciated :) SB: pros- - easiest of...
  38. A

    Getting into optometry school with average grades

    Hi there! I’m a current third-year at UCLA and will be taking a gap year after graduation. My goal school is SCCO, but my science/major (psychobiology) GPA isn’t very strong - we’re talking right underneath 3.0. Basically, I’ve gotten Bs and B-s for most of my science courses. My overall GPA is...
  39. C

    Howard University / HBCUs financial aid

    To those(URM) accepted at Howard and other HBCUs, were the HBCUs generous with offering you good financial aid/scholarships?
  40. D

    CC pre-reqs for UCLA?

    Hi, Thank you to everyone who has been so helpful on this forum. I'm currently a sophomore at a CC who is looking at pre-reqs for dental schools, and the guidelines for UCLA is a little confusing. It is stated that "only 3 credits/4 quarters" is accepted, but I'm not too sure what that means...