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    I am hoping current UCONN students or others with some concrete info will read this:

    UCONN's John Dempsey Hospital will be bailed out by the State of CT to the tune of $21. A joint solution, including the participation of the area hospitals, is due July 1st.

    Now, while other teaching hospitals are floundering, mostly due to the cuts in reimbursement due to the Balanced Budget Act, UCONN's problems are more fundamental. Yes, they have suffered due to the BBA, but there has been very poor management of Dempsey (see OHCA's report) and there are some fundamental problems with their ability to compete in the Hartford area hospitals. Bottom-line: these problems are long-term issues and not quick fixes.

    Now, while most student teaching occurs at Hartford Hospital and St. Francis, these hospitals do not have formal affiliation status with UCONN, i.e., there are no full-time faculty at these hospitals. The FT faculty are at Dempsey.

    How can students be sure that faculty will not leave and that recruiting will not be compromised under this environment? How can UCONN students not be tainted when they apply for residencies for their PG training? Does anyone have any relevant information out there?


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