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Dec 10, 2002
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All UConn students do a required Emergency Medicine rotation.
There are multiple hospitals at which we were able to do our rotation.
The best site and the one the residency is primarily affiliated is Hartford hospital. Their secondary site is the University of Connecticut John Dempsy Hospital.
Hartford Hospital (HH) is a level 1 trauma center with high volume (90K+) adults per year. Kids are directed to CT children's medical center across the street. So you will see almost no kids. The rotation is excellent with good to great attendings, interesting patients, and good teaching. The student presents to the senior resident or attending, depending on the attending. 4th year students have some autonomy but aren't left out in the breeze without help. You will see a good number of patients daily and do all the procedures on them within reason.
There are 5 patient areas: yellow, purple, red, green and blue. Red are trauma and critical patients. Blue are higher acuity and green are acute but not as those in the blue area. yellow if I remember correctly are fast track and purple is a psychiatry area. I was there 2+ years ago and learned a lot, and saw even more. It might be different for the outside students than the UConn students. I don't remember an outside student at our lectures, but I am sure you could come to them. The daily rounds in the AM was a great teaching session with interesting cases from the previous day.
I am blanking on the rest. It has been a while. good luck.


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Jan 19, 2002
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I am an MS1 at UCONN and I am taking an EM Research elective. I just finished a shift at Hartford Hospital and I second everything jashanley says. The residents, attendings, PAs, nurses and techs are great. Everyone is willing to teach you and the patient population offers a tremendous variety. I have also done a few shifts at John Dempsey Hospital at UConn Health Center. The attendings I know there are also great to work with. Good luck!
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