UG Transfer impacting med school admission chances?

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Apr 26, 2020
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I am currently a sophomore studying Chemistry at the University of Washington, and I recently was accepted as a transfer to UCLA for the same major. I plan on applying to medical school after taking a gap year, but I don't know if transferring is the best option for me.

I'm fortunate enough to live in a family where money isn't a concern for my undergraduate education, so in-state costs vs out-of-state costs aren't really a deciding factor for me (I'm a CA resident).

I'm concerned that if I transfer to UCLA I'll be competing in a harder class environment, and adapting to a new system during the COVID-19 pandemic might be detrimental to my GPA. I've also built up a network of pre-med friends at UW, which I would have to remake once I arrive at UCLA. I've also gotten a lot of conflicting information regarding UC medical schools preferring kids from an in-state school or an out-of-state school.

If I ideally want to attend a UC medical school, should I stay the course at UW and continue to develop my relationships with professors and apply from there, or should I spend my next two years at UCLA and hope that the in-state factor gives me an advantage?

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What prompted you to apply for this transfer, if finances and grades and friends are all fine at UW? If it's just to increase your connections to Geffen, definitely not worth
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