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ughhhhh! NEED HELP

Discussion in 'Pre-Dental' started by predent77, Jul 31, 2001.

  1. predent77

    predent77 Junior Member

    Jul 30, 2001
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    hi... i'm going to apply this year but i have not sent in my aadsas yet... people are telling me to send in my aadsas asap, however here are a few reasons why i CAN NOT
    1) lack of dental experience.. if i wait about a month, however, i can put some info down in that area
    2) have not taken dat's yet (planning on end of september)
    if anyone has any input or ideas for me.. puhlease reply ..
    thank you all so much!
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  3. horns2001

    horns2001 Junior Member

    Jun 22, 2001
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    Hey predent-I am in pretty much the same situation as u. I also will not be ready to take the DAT until late sep. My application is ready, and I have only 3 months of dental work exp. Everyone is saying I should have been prepared earlier especially since my GPA is only a 2.9 and since I need to be one of the early ones to apply to stand a chance. Well if you look down a this message list "should I still apply this year" that is my question, you will see what everyone said. I am now going to wait until next year to apply. Hopefully I will have a good DAT score(by studying for it without being rushed to send the score in if I were to do it this year). My app. will be turned in on the 1st day of JUNE and I will have more work exp. by then. All of this will surely increase my chances to be admitted to dental school. I know a year sounds long, but why waste your money and time applying now for a longshot chance when you can be in a way better position next year. P.s But keep studying for the DAT hard. By the way what is your GPA? Good luck with your decision

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