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Nov 2, 2006
For students that got accepted to and will be attending UMDNJ-MS or MBS program, I thought we should get to know each other. I will be attending there in the fall and am really looking forward to the program. PM and I will give you my name so we can be friends on facebook, also there is a facebook GSBS group. So some information about myself...

White, male, 22yr old, Drexel biology, looking to get into medical school (especially one of the 3 UMDNJs), live in South Jersey, 3.1 uGPA, 23MCAT and will retake.

To any other students that have been specifically to the MS or MBS program in stratford, can you share about your experience. Espcecially how many of your peers went on to medical school and if you know their stats as well. I am really looking forward to the program.
Apr 22, 2009

I just got accepted into GSBS at Stratford for Fall of 2009. I'm 22, Industrial Engineer from Penn State, looking to get into Dental School ASAP. I live in King of Prussia PA, so ill be moving to Straford sometime soon after im done here at penn state.

Did you find a place to live? Or have you heard of any close spots to live?

Did you meet anyone who graduated from the program yet? Or hear anything about what electives/seminars to take, which would be easier than others?
Jun 24, 2009
Durham, NC
Hey guys,

I graduated from Davidson College in Davidson, NC, in May with a degree in Psychology and am currently residing in NYC. I'm 22 y/o and planning on eventually applying to medical school.

I'm still figuring out where to live - I want to be near the academic buildings but avoid paying Las Vegas hotel room fees for room & board.

Unfortunately, most of the UMDNJ graduate students I've seen online are attending the Newark campus's GSBS program. Go figure...

Who is taking an SOM course this Fall?
Aug 12, 2011
Well due to me being being pre dental Newark will offer me the chance to take dental classes along side dental students. Also Newark is a closer commute for me too. Stratford I believe is better suited for pre-medical students even though I do know people who were pre-dental but went to Stratford.