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Nov 26, 2005
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Hey guys I'm having a serious debate here. I liked both PCOM and UMDNJ-SOM and am trying to decide where I want to go. First off I'm happy with both locations and class size means nothing to me. I'm leaning toward UMDNJ soley because its 10,000 cheaper a year. I want some input though because I was thinking I wanted to go into something other than family/internal medicine. I know I'm not sure but, I really wanted to do something like ER or general surgery. Nothing too competitive just like moderatley competitive. I heard great things about UMDNJ while i was there like there is a 99% board pass rate, but I also heard the PCON had a much better non primary care match list. Then again that 10,000/year plays into the picture. Does anyone have acurate match lists of these schools? Can anyone help compare them or tell me a little more about each of them? I need some serious input. They both seem pretty good. Also I have the option of going to Drexel, but from what I heard PCOM's match list is actually better. Will take any input I can get. Thanks so much guys. I really appreciate it.
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