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    I am interested in attending UMDNJ-SOM, however, I would like to hear from someone who can give me more insight about the school and what the first year is like. Also, how does this school compare to other Osteopathic medical schools as far as OMM training, teaching facilities and faculty at PCOM, NYCOM, KCOM, LECOM, ect...

    Any advice/input would greatly be appreciated!

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  2. Hello,

    I am a NJ resident so I'll give you a bit of UMDNJSOM insight. It is an excellent school. I have a few friends who graduated from my undergrad that go there now. It is one the toughest osteopathic school in the country to get accepted into right now. I believe it has the highest average GPA and highest average MCAT. They take only around 3 or 4 out of state people every year and their qualifications are outstanding.

    It is very difficult to get into UMDNJSOM and unbelievably difficult to get in as an out of stater.

    Their admission's rivals that of the other state MD schools, and I say this without exaggeration.

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    I am seriously interested in attending UMDNJ-SOM (I have been recently accepted),
    and would also appreciate any additional feedback about the school? Especially from a current student, with pros and cons... I haven't heard too much about the school on this site.

    -How is the clinical experience? Are the lounges used often? Is there a cafeteria? Do students go to Philly ever? etc.... anything will be helpful! Thanks in advance.
  4. Hiya,

    I'm not a student of UMDNJSOM, but I do live 20 minutes away and several of my undergraduate alumni friends attend there.

    I'll tell you what I know. Yes they have a cafeteria, but I believe it only serves breakfast and lunch. You're on your own for dinner. They have a modest-sized library, but their journal subscriptions are abundant.

    UMDNJSOM is right across the street from the PATCO highspeed line. The highspeed line runs from Lindenwold (Stratford) to Philadelphia. It stops at about a half dozen stops before going over the Ben Franklin Bridge. On the Philadelphia side it stops at 8th and Market (Shopping central), 9th,10th and Locust (Thomas Jefferson University, Pennsylvania Hospital, Will's Eye Hospital), then in increments up to 16th and Locust.

    From 8th and Market you can take the Market Frankford Line (commonly nicknamed "The El.") and hop on the blue train. This will take you street by street down Market all the way down to within walking distance of Drexel University, and The University of Penn. There are also numerous trollies and busses available to you once you enter Philadelphia.

    My impression from the people I know at UMDNJSOM is that they are a close knit bunch because of the small class size. I know the one fellow I know in particular really had to crunch for anatomy. Anatomy is in the spring semester at UMDNJSOM. They did that to try to take some of the burden off the incoming fall classes. Anyway, he was spending in excess of 20 hours a week on just anatomy.

    If you're wondering, I ride the train every day to Jefferson. I'm a graduate student there at TJU.

    Hope that insight helps. I wish I could tell you more about the life at UMDNJSOM.


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    SOM is a great school, I'm an MS-1, and although I had pretty high expectations, it has definitely exceeded them all... The facilities are great, the curriculum, the faculty, the area... and yes we do go to philly, when we get a me and i'll answer any questions you may have...
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