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UMSL - question


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Jan 26, 2007
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I have a question about UMSL. Basically, i have failed my 2 attempts in organic chemistry and got a "D" in biochemistry. I am retaking organic chem at the moment and so far i have a great start in the class. I had emailed one of the admissions counselor at UMSL and they said to not even retake both biochem and organic chem (both are 1st level of ochem & biochem) and to take higher level courses of ochem and biochem...i know that other schools would require me to retake these courses again and try to aim for a better grade. Has this happened to anyone before? I was thinking that if I didn't retake the lower level organic chemistry, then how will i be able to understand the 2nd half of organic chem?

Also, I would expect them to email me in a professional manner, but the way that it was typed...it sounded as if i was a 10 year old. :scared::eek:


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Mar 2, 2007
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I haven't really been impressed with the secretary at UMSL and the person in charge with contacting the optometry applicants, BUT I was impressed with the comfortable atmosphere there and the staff. Pretty small dispensary rooms though, but a class of only 42...wow...that could be great (depending on what you like).

About the o-chem and upper level classes, never had anything happen to me like that, but perhaps they want to see if you can learn the material. What is it about the classes that are causing you trouble?


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Aug 18, 2005
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UMSL is slightly different from other schools. Majority of schools require atleast a C in a pre-req to qualifiy, UMSL actually looks at a pre-req average of about 2.6. So aslong as your pre-reqs are above 2.6 its okay to have D's. However, if you do get an interview be ready to justifiy them. Higher level courses are better to take, espically if youve attempted the lower level ones several time, it just shows that you can learn new materal and you can handel a higher challenge. BTW who are you e-mailing at UMSL? I always get direct reply's to all my questions, i speak with Dr. Brown alot shes amazing. So next e-mail maybe e-mail her directly.
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