Under-grad GPA calculations


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Mar 5, 2004
    Hi guys!!

    I have a question about how med schools figure your undergrad GPA. I'm working on my B.A. in psych right now, but I also have an Associates of Applied Science degree in Emergency Medical Services. The EMS classes I took at a comm. college are considered "technical courses" by my current school and don't count towards my B.A. degree or GPA at all.

    My question is will med schools figure these courses into my GPA? I'm hoping they will, since they're all A's and would raise my GPA by a point or two.

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    Feb 23, 2003
      Yes they would, but why are those classes non-transferable? If you recieved a Associates Degree,you still should have taken english, history, language, and humanaties classes. There are many GER classes that student's have to take in Mass to earn an associates, which mostly all of them tranfer over to four year schools.
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