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Feb 8, 2005
alright guys.. im sure this has come up before, but im new so go easy on me huh.

basically as it says above im a undergrad freshmen, im more than intrested in dental, mainly because ive been around it for so long. ive had pretty much every dental job you can think of done to me, or will up till about my senior year of undergrad.. including surgery, so i feel as if im at home with dental, and also know what the person on the other end is going through, or will once they leave my office..

as of right now, im going into the Econ major (would do biz, but my school doesnt offer it) im very intrested in that field and believe it will help greatly in my dental practice, so i would like to keep that major. im currently in my winter quarter with spring catching up fast. my plans for my 4 years are as follows...

get as many of my school and major req out of way as quickly as possible these first 2 years or so.. then last two (or if needed 3) years focus on the bio and chem, my hopes are that i will break up everything to help keep my GPA within a fair level by taking classes that are much a like and keeping the same mind set. the other reason is, i plan to take my DAT sometime my last year, and believe if i am just getting out of my bio and chem classes it will be much more fresh in my mind and help me to practice and score 19+ on the Dat...

is there anything wrong with this plan? what do you guys advise against or for?

also my study habbits can use some help, as i get easily distracted, currently what i do is just spend my study time in the my school's science lib. (very nice new lib.) plus i have a fair amount of friends who dont seem to understand study... any advise with this would also be great... i figure im in my freshmen year, so having a plan of action for dental school now would be the best plan...

P.S i also plan on spec. in orthodontics or perhaps prosthodontics so yea any advice on that aswell would be awesome.


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Oct 11, 2004
Hi there, I relate since I to am an econ major as well. When I started school, I didnt exactly know what I wanted to do, but I was definitly leaning towards the medical field.
My first year was a lot of genereal requirements and econ classes (but at my school you can only take one econ a quarter up the end of your sophmore year because of different series' that needed prereqs of other econ classes, eg. econ 1->econ 2->econ 100A and so forth until I finished the basic econ clases to take econ electives). Second year I took gen chem, econ, GE classes. Junior year was my killer, ochem, physics, bio and then 2 quarters with an econ class wedged in. I took the DAT at the end of this year, while most of the material was fresh in my mind. And senior year, currently, im taking upper division bio classes and econ classes.
I think I lucked out with how everythign fit, because I def. did not plan so far ahaead as the next quarter. I have enjoyed econ but am ready to move on, and sometimes wish I would have just been a bio major where all these science classes would have counted towards. But I also think its good not to be another bio applicant as I have some sort of uniqueness for adcoms (I am not bashing science majors btw).
Studying, one hour at the library equals 2 hours at my apartment due to my slacker roomates who seem to never have class or work. So, the library, or any quite room without tvs and computers is a safe bet. Anways, good luck and enjoy your undergrad, it goes by quickly.