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UNECOM housing

Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by cet, Jul 25, 2000.

  1. cet

    cet Member

    Nov 25, 1999
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    where do you students that rent beach houses with leases that start after labor day live for the first month? any one have any luck finding housing that takes dogs? seems that just about all the postings on UNE's webpage are already taken.

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  3. ReneeWB

    ReneeWB Senior Member

    Jan 6, 1999
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    Hi Catherine! I'm a soon to be 2nd year at UNECOM. It is very tough with a pet, and you are right about having a hard time with seasonal rentals. What a lot of my classmates and I are doing is letting those people who are waiting for their places stay with us for a few days/weeks while they wait for their places to be available. I am sure there will be those in your class willing to do the same. I assume that you have a dog? You could always board it if you can't find a classmate that can take both of you. [​IMG]

    Good luck to you.


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