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May 19, 2000
Toronto, ON, Canada
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Hi All...

I am very happy that I matched and based on ly list I know that I will have warm weather and sunshine for the next 4 years!:p

Congratulations to everyone else who matched as well....we all worked very hard to get to this point and we deserve to be proud of what we achieved.

For those who didn't match....good luck tomorrow.... and know that sometimes there is are silver linings with the clouds...with 76 positions available, odds are there will be some positions at coveted institutions that did not fill.

Hence my post....would someone be so kind as to post the unmatched programs list for OBGYN tomorrow. I'd like to see if some of the programs I ranked went unfilled..and I'm sure that there are many others that would like this info as well.:)

Good Luck to Everyone!

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Sep 24, 2002
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I want to see the list as well, but considering that the people who have access to it are busy scrambling, we may have to wait a little:D


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Jan 4, 2003
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Thankfully, I matched...here is the list courtesy of a friend: Unfilled Programs by State

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Alabama Code Quota Matched

Univ of South Alabama Hosps
Sherwood Lynn 1852220C0 4 1
P: 251-415-1557
F: 251-415-1552
[email protected]

California Code Quota Matched

Martin L King Jr/Drew-CA
Rosetta Willis-Hassan 2057220C0 3 0
P: 310-668-4634
F: 310-898-1854
[email protected]

UCLA Medical Center-CA
Julie Henriksen 1956220P0 2 0
P: 310-825-9945
F: 3102066531
[email protected]

District Of Columbia Code Quota Matched

George Washington Univ-DC
Nancy Gaba 1802220C0 10 7
P: 202-741-2532
F: 202-741-2550
[email protected]

Howard Univ Hosp-DC
Olanrewaju Adeyiga 2193220C0 4 3
P: 202-865-7081
F: 202 865-6922
[email protected]

Washington Hosp Ctr-DC
David Downing 1800220C0 5 4
P: 202-877-8035
F: 202-877-5435
[email protected]

Illinois Code Quota Matched

Advocate IL Masonic Med Ctr
Brenda Darrell 1137220C0 3 2
P: 773-296-5590
F: 773-296-7207
[email protected]

SIU SOM & Affl Hosps-IL
Kofi Amankwah 2922220C0 3 1
P: 217-545-6498
F: 217-545-7958
[email protected]

St Francis Hosp-Evanston-IL
John Knaus 1168220C0 2 1
P: 847-316-6229
F: 847/316-3307
[email protected]

Kansas Code Quota Matched

U Kansas SOM-Kansas City
Tim Bennett 1208220C0 3 1
P: 913-588-6245
F: 913-588-6271
[email protected]

Kentucky Code Quota Matched

Univ Louisville SOM-KY
Christine Cook 1217220C0 6 5
P: 502-852-5811
F: 502-852-1451
[email protected]

Louisiana Code Quota Matched

James Unger 1232220C0 6 5
P: 318-675-8295
F: 318-675-4671
[email protected]

Tulane Univ SOM-LA
Gabriella Pridjian 3073220C0 7 0
P: 504-587-2145
F: 504.584.1846
[email protected]

Michigan Code Quota Matched

Grand Rapids Med Ed-MI
Stephen Rechner 2077220C0 8 6
P: 616-391-1929
F: 616-391-3174
[email protected]

Oakwood Hospital-MI
Veronica Mallett 1946220C0 4 2
P: 313-593-7819
F: (313) 436-2783
[email protected]

Sparrow Hospital-MI
Rhonda Maney 1315220C0 3 1
P: 517-364-2577
F: 5174853558
[email protected]

Missouri Code Quota Matched

University Hosps-Columbia-MO
John Cassels 1994220C0 2 0
P: 573-499-6028
[email protected]

Nebraska Code Quota Matched

Creighton Univ Affil-NE
Alfred Fleming 1372220C0 3 2
P: 402-280-4438
F: 402-280-4496
[email protected]

New York Code Quota Matched

Albany Med Ctr Hosp-NY
Jean-Claude Veille 1414220C0 5 0
P: 518-262-3593
F: 518-262-6014
[email protected]

Brookdale Hosp Med Ctr-NY
Tina Mason 1419220C0 3 1
P: 718-240-5548
F: 718-240-6610
[email protected]

Queens Hosp/Mt Sinai-NY
Lise Rehwaldt 1489220C0 3 1
P: 718-883-4035
F: 718-883-6129
[email protected]

St Vincents Cath Med Ctr-NY
Vincent Pillari 1514220C0 3 2
F: 718-818-2865
[email protected]

St Vincents Hosp-NY
John Koulos 1500220C0 2 1
P: 212-604-7177
F: (212) 604-2777
[email protected]
John Koulos 1500220P0 1 0
P: 212-604-7177
F: (212) 604-2777
[email protected]

Ohio Code Quota Matched

Bethesda Hospital-OH
Luis Saldana 2689220C0 4 3
P: 513-745-1625
F: 513-745-1630
[email protected]

Medical College of Ohio
Lynda Wolf, MD 1579220C0 4 1
P: 419-383-4590
F: (419)383-3090
[email protected]

Summa Health/NEOUCOM-OH
Robert Flora 1541220C0 5 2
P: 800-322-0517
[email protected]h.org

Oklahoma Code Quota Matched

U Oklahoma COM-Tulsa
Fred Fumia 2727220C0 4 3
P: 918-582-0955
F: 918-582-0884
[email protected]

Pennsylvania Code Quota Matched

Geisinger Health System-PA
Edie Derian 1608220C0 1 0
P: 570-271-6296
F: 570-271-5819
[email protected]

Hershey/Penn State-PA
Mathew Davies 1617220C0 5 2
P: 717-531-8141
F: 717-531-0920
[email protected]

Puerto Rico Code Quota Matched

Hosp Episcopal San Lucas-PR
Joaquin Laboy 2101220C0 3 1
P: 787-844-2080 x 1357
F: 787-844-1533
[email protected]

Univ of Puerto Rico
Karlis Adamsons 1116220C0 4 3
P: 787-758-2525 x 1817
F: 787-764-7881
[email protected]

South Carolina Code Quota Matched

Greenville Hosp Sys-SC
Robert Cummings 1683220C0 6 4
P: 864-455-7887
F: (864)455-3095
[email protected]

Palmetto Richland Mem-SC
Janice Bacon 1681220C0 4 1
P: 803-779-4928 x 240
F: 803-434-4699
[email protected]

Tennessee Code Quota Matched

East Tennessee St Univ
Martin Olsen 2066220C0 3 2
P: 423-439-6262
F: 423 439-6766
[email protected]

Vanderbilt Univ Med-TN
Stephen Entman 1702220C0 6 4
P: 615-343-8801
F: 615-343-8806
[email protected]

Texas Code Quota Matched

TX A & M-Scott & White
Steven Allen 1725220C0 4 3
P: 254-724-7588
F: 254-724-7976
[email protected]

TX Tech U Affil-El Paso
Jose Gonzalez 1710220C0 4 3
P: 915-545-6714
F: 915-545-0901
[email protected]

TX Tech U Affil-Lubbock
Kellie Flood-Shaffer 2973220C0 3 2
P: 806-743-3039
F: 806-743-3200
[email protected]

Virginia Code Quota Matched

Virginia Commonwealth U Hlth Sys
Stephen Cohen 1743220C0 6 5
P: 804-828-8614
F: 804-827-1229
[email protected]
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Sep 24, 2002
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Interesting to see Washington Hospital Center not match. I thought their program looked strong.


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Feb 23, 2004
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Hi all,
I'm anxious to find out if any OB-prelim programs did not fill (particularly in West CA, HI, WA, OR, AZ). Aside from UCLA, any word on this? Thanks.


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Mar 9, 2004
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They usually rank limited number of candidates and plan to fill some of their medical students to such positions if the candidates go unmatched.

The only program which went unfilled of those I was interviewed is Brookdale Hosp Center. It is on probation and I did not rank this program..

Finally, I am matched and looking to go to UTMB Galveston or Rochester.

Good luck to all
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