Pre-Medical Student
Feb 14, 2013
Hey everyone,

I am currently a sophomore at the University of Cincinnati and I do not really have any clinical experience right now. Is there anyone that knows of some good opportunities to get clinical experience around the Cincinnati/northern Kentucky area (other that volunteering at the hospital to greet or do clerical work) and also if you know any physicians that are open to shadowing? Thanks!
Dec 3, 2011
"The Library"
Hey. I don't go to UC but I grew up in Cincinnati. You can volunteer at the Children's Hospital which has a very active volunteer program (as far as I can remember). They have a lot more than just greeting and clerical work, btw, and is probably your best bet for now. Also look up free clinics in the area. If you're not afraid of Over the Rhine, you can also volunteer at the Drop Inn Center (which isn't clerical, but is a very powerful experience). Also, you go to a school with a very good medical school....just ask people there, or talk to your pre-health advisor. Cincinnati is not limited in clinical opportunities at all...
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