University of Minnesota MHA- Fall 2013

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Dec 13, 2012
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Hey Guys!

I have just been admitted to the University of Minnesota MHA program and considering they are my number one choice, I plan on attending there in the fall of 2013!

Anybody else considering Minnesota for an MHA next fall?

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You were admitted? I'm applying there and asked an admissions rep who said they won't begin looking at applications till the end of January when the students are back. They don't interview without them. Were you interviewed? To the full time mha?? I jut submitted my sophas app this past week and am waiting for LORs and transcripts to all dribble in.
Yeah, they had a few interview days this fall/early winter for early applicants. But you're right they won't be doing any more interviews until students come back for second semester. And yes, to the full time MHA
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Wow I didn't know that. Congratulations! It must feel good to know you're accepted, early on in the process. I submitted my sophas application, but i'm waiting for processing and studying for my gre. any advice or tips for the gre? I'm majorly crunched for time! Thx :)
Congratulations on your acceptance! Minnesota's my number 1 school too, but I also didn't apply until mid-december so I don't anticipate hearing back for a little.

What was the interview like? Also, did you happen to interview anywhere else yet? I have an interview with Rush coming up and I'm curious to know what it will be like.
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I have an interview this month for Minnesota's MHA program. Can anyone provide insight into how it will be conducted?
The interview was pretty informal and very conversational. They'll ask why do you want to go into healthcare and a lot of those typical interview questions that you see on different boards on this website. For how they did our interviews, there were about five of us interviewing on a single day and they put us all in a conference room and had a current student do a preview of the school, than took us in one by one to do the interview with a tour of the campus once everyone was done interviewing. I have not conducted any other interviews, I have a few coming up this month.

Good luck to all of you and remember to relax! Have fun!

*private message me if you have any other questions or are looking for more details
I submitted my SOPHAS application at the beginning of January. The U is my number 1 choice too. Any ideas, suggestions or experiences on what to wear for the interview? Thanks for the assist!
I have my interview on April 5th! Wicked excited about the opportunity.
Anyone who's applied to Minnesota from there? Where is everyone from?
Is it possible to do a telephonic interview? I'm in Ohio and a medical student on rotations!
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Oh I see. I do know they don't have any preference for Minnesotans, someone asked in front of me and they said no. Also, if u look at the stats for current students Minnesotans are only about 9 of the entire 35 class...if I remember correctly.
Daisies2, you remember correctly, a little less than a third of the classes are home grown. Consequently, I'm from MN but have lived away from there for the last 11 years. This will be my homecoming.
As you may have read, I have been accepted to MN's MHA program..yay! And I am wondering for those that have been accepted, did u receive a formal letter? How soon after?
I received my formal letter pretty immediately after if I remember correctly.

Will anyone else be attending the Why Minnesota day?
Thx for the reply...I just received it today! I am wondering though, is this the same letter where they mention scholarships or GA positions if they're awarded? I didn't see mention of either and I'm hoping they send a separate notification and I still have a chance at them.
I was accepted today. I'll be attending this fall.
I just had my telephone interview today. I think it went ok. I was super nervous!! How soon should I expect to hear a decision?
Usually they inform applicants of the decision on a Wednesday morning right after the adcom meets. It could be this coming Wednesday or next. Good luck :)
They said may 1 is when the adcom meets. I felt like I did a lot of talking! And repeated myself one a couple of answers!
It seems most people hear from them between 10 & 11 am, so expect an email or call on May 1st around that time. Honestly, even though the questions were "typical" I did end up talking a lot more than I anticipated. It is super competitive right now as they've received a large volume of applications this year, but you were invited for an that's a good sign.
Thanks! This was my first interview, I hope i came off as natural and not an idiot! My only prep was their website.
Has anyone heard from univ. minn addmissions today?
Aqualgirl, any word from MN or elsewhere? Sending good vibes ur way :)
hey ... congratulations !
i recently finished my gre and toefl exam
am an m.b.b.s graduate from india ...have been trying to apply for mha
are there any good universities that offer admissions at this time of the year , the application deadlines for fall term apparently have to begin a year prior to the intended yr of admission .
any advice on where to apply ...for 2013 fall or 2014 spring ?