Unsure if I will fail first clinical internship

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May 17, 2016
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Hey guys, I just went over the current CPI with my CI and I was on track at midterm to pass the clinical affil however at the end of the clinical, I’m not hitting all the anchors in terms of an intermediate level for the final which is required for our first. There are a couple of domains I scored lower than intermediate, would that mean I have to retake the clinical?? I already signed off on the CPI. My CI made it seemed I improved but passed as well. I’m just scared to see if I have to retake it or fail. I am also pretty sure she knew that the intermediate grade was the passing. What should I do?

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Which categories? Does the pass/fail decision lie on the CI only or the DCE? If it's the DCE, contact the professor and discuss about it.
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It may depend on your school instructor who deals with clinicals. I was under minimal requirement in 1 category (something to do with cultural stuff) to pass the rotation, but my school instructor passed me anyway. The reason I was under that level was something stupid, like I did not call the call line to translate something for a patient who did not speak English, so I did not say anything to my professor. I also was not sure if she noticed that 1 category and how much it mattered, so I did not want to ask her and draw her attention to it. So I ended up just sitting and waiting to see if she passed me and she did.
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There are only a handful of clinical and professional domains that you have to meet, depending on your program. Check your clinical course syllabus. It will be defined there.