Unsure if letters of recommendation will meet requirements

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Apr 1, 2022
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Hey everyone,

I've met with several professors in order to secure letters of recommendation for my application. However, I am not sure if some of these letters will be accepted by medical schools. The issue is that my strongest science letters will come from professors I interacted with in non-traditional ways:

The first letter would be from a PI with whom I took a research class and then performed research for in the following semesters. This class did have a lecture component, but was primarily lab based. I think that this letter should count as a "science" letter, but am not 100% sure.

I am less sure about my second letter. This is from a science professor that I helped as a teaching assistant over the course of several semesters. I was very involved as a TA and helped out quite a lot, including giving a few lectures in the large (100+ person) class. I did act as a TA for credit during one of the semesters and received an A. However, this professor never taught/graded me as a student in the class. Is this likely to count as a science letter?

I have contacted other science professors, but their writing is likely to much more generic and limited to "this student performed well in my class". Will I be okay with the letters described above or should I try to get other writers?

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I think that the content of the letter will indicate that the person is a member of the faculty of a science department at your school (indicated by their signature and letterhead) and that they know you well in a professional capacity and can address positive attributes that you demonstrate in research and teaching environments. I'd have no hesitation using those letters.
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