status pages confuse me.
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Dec 14, 2005

I did BU MAMS, and I'm submitting my AMCAS today. I need to know how to classify the coursework:

1. it it "biology" coursework or "health sciences" coursework?
2. what's our "major"
3. is it "graduate" coursework or "postbacc" coursework


Also, I have non-BU MAMS questions if anyone can answer:
1. if you don't report ethnicity/parents background/siblings background, does it reflect badly? my parents are both physicians but i didn't do so well in science as a undergrad, so i don't know how it would look to reveal my family background.
2. should you use the abbreviated course names on your transcript, or should you spell them out completely?
3. does physiology in college = health sciences or plain biology?
4. is it important to follow unit thresholds to determine freshman/sophomore/junior/senior status? or can you just say 1st year = freshman, 2nd year = sophomore, e.t.c.
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