Hello again,

I am interested in attending medical school in Australia, I have posted on this forum before and have gotten so much conflicting information. I would very much like to hear the process that a United States citizen must go through if they wish to get their medical degree in Australia, then return to the US after graduation for residency. It would be great if I could hear back from an individual or individuals who have gone through this process (private message if you aren't comfortable posting on here).

1. I understand it is easier to get into Australian medical schools than US medical schools.

2. From what I have read, mostly on here, the Australian med schools put more of an emphasis on clinical training than science training in the classroom which puts students wishing to practice in the US at a disadvantage when they take the USMLE 1, what is your experience with the process and how did you prepare for the USMLE? What residency did you ultimately get in the US? From what I've seen most programs are 1 year of sciences and 3 years of clinical rotations as opposed to 2 years of sciences and 2 years of clinical rotations in the US.

3. Assuming I went to Australia, passed all 3 steps of the USMLE, it is my understanding that I would be eligible to practice medicine in the United States. However, would my training be recognized by all 50 states and if not which states would and would not recognize my degree?

Please, feel free to give any advice you think I should know and to give a detailed explanation of what I should expect being a US citizen, trained in Australia, then returning to the US for residency.



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Aug 15, 2007
1. Yes, it is a bit easier to get into AUS schools. But keep in mind that easier acceptance doesn't correlate with lower quality or easier school.

2. There's a whole giant thread about preparing for the USMLE.

3. Yes, if you pass Step 1 --> Clinical --> Step 2 -- > Residency --> Step 3 --> (maybe CS exam??), then you are eligible for practice in all 50 states.


"International full fee"

What does this mean?


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Dec 2, 2008
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It's a type of medical school spot. There are four kinds in Aus.

CSP - subsidized by the government with no restrictions or contracts on practice
FFP - inties fall under this and get no subsidization
BMP - bonded spots that require students to work in an area of need upon licensure
MRBS - rurally bonded but with a full (?) scholarship

inties can only get FFP
competition is highest for CSP and MRBS and BMP is for the ones that aren't as competitive