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Nov 4, 2015
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I am trying to connect with other IMGs in my position to consider solutions for our year in limbo now that CS has been cancelled permanently (announced yesterday, 26 Jan 2021). I was hoping to apply for Match 2021 and was prevented (my Caribbean med school is still pending accreditation for WFME, Pathway 3). ECFMG has stated they will be amending their current Five Pathways to licensure (their response to the 2020 suspension of Step 2 CS) and adding a sixth Pathway. I am nervous they will still not be inclusive enough. Curious what others have heard, what people are doing with themselves to be proactive about their medical degrees.

Additionally, I am finding a tough time coming up with ideas for clinical patient-facing work I can do this next year without ECFMG licensure and would appreciate the brainstorming session. I worked in research for years and did not enjoy it, hence began my med school journey so hoping others might have some good ideas outside of that or entry level work like being a scribe, as is not a financially viable solution.

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