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Apr 15, 2015
Dear All,

I'm an IMG, completed the steps (234/240/cs all 1st attempt) and I'm ready to apply to general surgery this year, I have two INTERNATIONAL LORs only. However, I will start my one year of research in the US after ONE week, then I'm expecting to work with the US doctors for two weeks then will be able to ask for LORs from them, which will take 1 week to write and two weeks to upload..!

So my options are as follows:-
(1) Apply now with what I have, with the two international LOR.
(2) Wait for 5 weeks then apply with 2 US LOR in hand.
(3) Print the LOR request form for the two doctors who I'll be workin with, and apply now, hoping that by the time the programs review the applications, the LORs would have been somehow uploaded.

I favour option 2, but I'm concerned that I will apply too late, so when will it be considered too late?
Any input is highly appreciated.

Kind Regards,
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Jul 2, 2013
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Apply now with what you have - I would attach at least one of the foreign LORs. Upload 1-2 US LORs by mid- to late-October. So that you are not wasting your time, make sure that the programs you apply to do not require US clinical experience - many do.

Good luck!