USC post bacc???

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Has anyone in this thread been accepted to USC? I am working on my application, and am having a hard time trying to synthesize my thoughts into a personal statement. Is there anyone willing to take a look at it?


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I am a current USC Postbacc. The program is absolutely brutal and has a high attrition rate. One of my peers said that it "feels like finals week, every week" and I concur. We've had several brilliant students from prestigious undergrad--and graduate--institutions leave for other programs.

I'd look elsewhere before spending lots of money to wreck your GPA.

Good luck with your decision.
Just wondering if you could give more specific examples in why you think the course is so rigorous, thank you. Also how do you feel the school is setting you up for the mcat and for future med school applications?
I am interested to know why the program is brutal as well. I heard the attrition rate was about 5-7 students roughly per year. I heard that the program is a very decent program as long as you are willing to work for your grade it is supposed to be manageable. The 2 classes per semester also seems like it would give you enough time to focus and do well in each class.