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Mar 1, 2005
I had a question about a requirement for usc. I'm confused, do i need two semesters of 1 foreign language and 3 semesters of philosophy? The site is a bit confusing the way they wrote it out i'll post it here as well. Also I took 2 semesters of philosophy back in a community college and 1 semester of spanish as well, am i set for the philo and spanish, or what do you guys think? Thanks

Graduation from an accredited secondary school, with credit for at least 12 academic units, including three in English, three in one laboratory science course, two in one foreign language and two in college preparatory mathematics.

Required courses, semester hours with laboratory required: eight units each - one year's completed course - of general biology (zoology), inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physics; other courses: English composition (eight units or one year), philosophy, history or fine arts (eight units or one year). .