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USF class of 2008


Senior Member
10+ Year Member
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Aug 15, 2003
  1. Attending Physician
so at this point it's looking like i'm going to usf, and even if i don't i won't know about waitlists for another 2 months at least, so i thought that it's about time to get a thread of this type going so those of us that think they're going to usf this fall can start chatting about (fill in the blank here).

to start off, if i go to usf i'm going to need a roomie or two, preferably one with a pet since i have a dog and will need an apartment that allows dogs that are 40lbs. so anyone who might be interested feel free to PM me.

that's about all i personally have, but hopefully there's enough usf-bound (at least potentially) people on here to make this a good resource.

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