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Aug 27, 2021
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Hi everyone, I was recently accepted into the program and haven’t found a forum dedicated to this years’ entering class. The Facebook group link sent in the acceptance email seems to be from last year and I have a couple questions as to what the best area to live in is, the physical structure of the program, how much of it is online, etc… . Any input is appreciated!

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Not a MSP3 student, but I go to USF undergrad. If you got any specific questions about USF or the Tampa area, lmk.

As for the best area to live in…. there isn’t really a “bad area” other then maybe Ybor City. Anything within a 30 mile radius of the USF Tampa campus is pretty nice (but might be expensive).
So I went through this program in 2019. Unfortunately, that was the year covid decided to hit, so we went strictly online after the first semester.

It's a fantastic program. I will tell you, the work load is high. Every lecture builds on the next, so you cannot afford to slack off. If I remember correctly, we had 6 classes in semester 1 (fall), 5 classes in semester 2 (spring), and 3 classes with an option to add a 4th in semester 3 (summer).

I'm assuming you, like most, are going through the program to boost your application for medical and add to your GPA. While this is the idea of the program, my biggest advice for you ****use this time to network with your professors****. View this as an opportunity not only to boost your GPA, but to boost your LORs for med school. If Dr. Kruk is still there, become her friend. She is super nice, incredibly smart, and willing to help out her students in the program if you show the effort. I only stress this point because I wish I networked more with professors, but between my poor communication skills and covid, I didn't.

None of it was online for us until covid. Things my have changed.

I agree with Round786. Don't live in Ybor. St. Pete is a pretty hefty drive, especially in the mornings and at 5pm. Other than that, there isn't really any "bad" places, but if you don't want to sit in traffic forever everyday, I'd recommend finding a place north of the airport/Courtney Campbell Causeway.