USF phone call

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Jul 2, 2003
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did anyone get this phone call from Rel Larking at USF? i got an email saying he tried to reach me today, and that i should call him back tomorrow. what goes on in this call? is it an interview or just a casual conversation? do i need to be ready for anything or does he just want to talk? thanks.

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Mr. Larkin is awesome. He wouldn't be calling you unless he had a good reason. I wouldn't worry about it.

If you get an interview at USF, let me know.. a few SDNers attend there now as first years.

Good luck.
He's probably going to invite you to an interview. Good Luck!
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yeah, the other posters are probably right about the reason for mr. larkin's call. i received suh a call last wed, and it was to invite me for an interview and schedule the date.
i got the same email, and when i called mr. larkin back, it was for an interview invite. mine is on the 29th. maybe we'll see each other!