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Using 2017 AATBS EPPP study prep books?


Full Member
Nov 19, 2018

I've begun studying for the EPPP and borrowed study prep books from a colleague. They are the 2017 version from the Association for Advanced Training in the Behavioral Sciences (AATBS). I plan on purchasing a test package from either AATBS or Psychprep when I get closer to the test date.

My questions are:

Are the 2017 books too outdated considering the test was updated in 2018? (Note that the 2018 update states "much of the content remains the same")
Is studying the test prep books and taking online tests enough?

I may be freaking myself out a bit after googling the EPPP and seeing the amount of debate on what you need to do to avoid failing

Thank you for any advice, tips, and/or reassurance!


Forensic Psychologist
7+ Year Member
Mar 1, 2014
B1G Country
  1. Psychologist
I legit just took practice tests over and over ( I did this for my board certification as well). No way you're going to retain all of that content verbatim. Regarding the older versions, I think youll be fine. Most of the questions I had on the eppp were on old outdated stuff anyway (especially the IO stuff)
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