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Step 1 - typically after 2nd year. Not all schools require Step 1 before getting on the wards though. For example, I'm taking it in December of my 3rd year.

Step 2 - spring of 4th year. Generally, this is taken after the match but before internships begin in July.

Step 3 - taken at the end of the internship year.

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Hey oldman,

Here's the scoop:

Step I: Usually taken after 2nd year. Most schools have a month (we had 1.5 months) off before clinicals. You can schedule it at any time since it is on the computer. This is the most important step for residencies, so study hard. I studied about 3 weeks 4-5 hours a day, many of my classmates did more.

Step II: Some say take it Fall of 4th year, but most take it spring after interviews and match. It is not as important as step I. However, if you didn't ace Step I doing well on step II might help your cause if you take it early. One option is to take it in November and do not release scores automatically to ERAS (residency program). This way, if you do well you can tell interviewers about it but if you don't it won't hurt you. Lowest stress option is to take it late like I did in February. I studied 2 weeks about 1-2 hours a day and 5 hours the day before and did great.

Step III: Taken after intern year. Usually some time in second year. My friends in residency say they studied maybe 2 days.
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•••quote:•••Originally posted by Kimberli Cox:
•Moving this to the USMLE/COMLEX forums...•••••i posted a similar question in the step 2 responses least the allo people seem more active.

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•••quote:•••Originally posted by Resident Alien:
•The Class of 2006 will most likely have to take the clinical assessment exam aka Step 2-B.

Anyone know when that will be taken?•••••Last I heard, it's my class (2005) that will have an OSCE component to the USMLE. I know there's a lot of opposition to it from AMSA and AMA-MSS. There's only going to be a certain number of dates and sites in the entire US adminstering the exam, which means most med students outside of major metro areas will have to pay for travel and lodging on top of the increased testing fee.

Bad stuff--I think it's a horrible idea, even though I live in LA and wouldn't have to worry about travel, etc. We already have OSCEs at my school and there's always a lot of noise about inconsistant grading by the clinicians and cheating (ie. telling classmates who take the test later in the day what the exam is about).
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