USUHS Clinical Psych 2025

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Nov 20, 2020
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Hi All,

I haven't found a thread started for this year's application cycle so I figured I'd start one. I'm Active Duty Army and looking to apply for the military track for Army, Navy, and Air Force. My first pick will be the Navy (for a lot of reasons) Just wanted to connect with people and other service members/veterans who are looking to apply this year. After reviewing a lot of posts from previous years, I feel absolutely underqualified to apply due to my academic career and lack in research/clinical hours. I'm looking to apply to both the USUHS SOM and USUHS Clinical Psychology PhD as I could be happy with either one.

For those that have been accepted into the program or are reapplying, please chime in with any tips and advice. Especially for those applicants that are interested in joining the military.

Current Stats:

-Undergraduate, 4.0 GPA in Organizational Leadership (after transfer. Before transfer was like a 1.9 🥲)
-A.A. Certificate in Criminal Justice, 4.0 GPA
-120 hours of clinical shadowing military and civilian (MD, DO, PA, LMHC)
-DIY Post-Bacc 3.6 GPA for pre-med (4 more classes left then the MCAT studying begins )


-Chief Warrant Officer 2, US Army, Apache Pilot, 750 hours, 6 years TIS
-Police Officer (part-time) with experience in working Crisis/Hostage Negotiations and previously assigned to the Mental Health Evaluation Team, 10 years

As you can see, I am lacking in the research/clinical experience aspects, but I'm trying! Also, I'm not very close to any of my professors so most of my Letters of Recommendation will be supervisors that might not be able to speak about my academics.

Please feel free to PM me! Would love to connect and find a like minded group to encourage one another.

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