USUHS prior service

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Mar 1, 2019
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I'm hoping someone here can answer this question for me otherwise I will be calling the school in the next few days to get an answer and post it here.

I am currently a 1LT in the Army Reserves about to start a post bacc certificate. I'm planning to apply for USUHS. If I'm accepted I understand that my pay will continue to be O2 or higher (hopefully I make CPT before then), but will my BAH remain at my current pay grade or revert back to O1?


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If you read the “save pay provision” USU provides in their “ what you need to know” pamphlet it indicates that save pay only applies to active duty. I do not know of any prior reservists from my class that received save pay. However, my experience only comes from being an active duty prior line officer.

I would highly advise that you call the school to find out what entitlements exactly you should expect to receive, if any, from prior reserve service time. It would be a real bummer for it to come as a surprise that you were being paid as an O1 and expecting something significantly different.
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