UWorld technical question

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Mar 11, 2012
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For my step prep, I started reviewing the organ systems. It seems all the biochem questions on Uworld are integrated into the organ systems.

I've been attempting the Uworld biochemistry questions as I go along, but because I haven't done ANY biochem review, I haven't focused much on the answers when I review a block.

Now that I'm reviewing biochem, I want to go back and do these questions.

If I click "all questions" under the "create test" option and choose biochemistry for all subjects, will they just continuously repeat the same 40 questions every time I create a 40-question block since "all questions" is clicked instead of "unanswered questions?" Is there a workaround for this?

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It shouldn't just repeat the same block over and over, they will come up randomized. But eventually you'll start seeing a lot of repeats yeah.

I thought of something but haven't tried it. Go into a past block's results page, sort questions by subject, write down the question numbers of biochem questions, go into the block and mark each of these questions. If you do this for all blocks, you will have marked all of the biochem questions. When making a new block select biochem and marked. The mark disappears once you answer the question, so it won't repeat a second time. It takes time to do, but I can't think of any other way besides resetting the whole thing.

I also thought about writing "biochemistry" in the search function, but for some reason only a small number of questions came up.