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Aug 1, 2002
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pls see my post in "how did DO's do in the match"



You didnt build thaT
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Oct 3, 2003
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Mr. Chagas disease,

Sounds like you are a smart kid and chances are you will match at a program for anesthesiology. However, if you plan on going for the competitive places I would highly recommend taking the USMLE (since you're smart you should do well on this exam). You are severely limiting your options. Now that gas is moderately competitive again (very competitive at top places) PD's at competitive programs are starting to really cut the fat. Not having a strong USMLE under your belt is the equivalent to being a big giant fat floundering blubbery whale....not the world's most erudite analogy, but you see where I'm going.

You should definitely ask programs if you can get by with just the USMLE step II to save yourself the hell of going through step I. Ask AS SOON AS POSSIBLE because that friggen CS portion is going to be involved (June?) and the price will increase by $1000...so take it ASAP! A high USMLE step II score would be a hell of a lot better than no USMLE score. That 96% COMLEX score means absolutely nothing to the PD's. Even though your class rank is impressive I was #19/128 and nobody ever commented on rank...didn't care.

If the programs say they would prefer a USMLE step I score over a II, then you will have to suck it up. Otherwise don't be suprised if you go pretty far down your list, or match at a less than desirable locale/program. USMLE = Open doors for interview invites. Rest of app = ranking on the program list.

Hope this helps

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