Verbal Trap Answers

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Mar 1, 2008
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So I know that there are different types of trap answers given out there for verbal, but these are usually just generic (e.g., extreme answers, answers that aren't in the passage, etc.). I have searched and can't find the really hard trap answer types, and a lot of times they are associated with specific question types. For example, I know that there is the common question "which of these assumptions in the passage is not supported with evidence?" There may be a highly appealing answer that is not supported but it is not in the passage, so it doesn't support both criteria. Are there any tips on trap answers or getting answer types of questions like that, where they ask you to do things like challenge the argument, state whether it is weak or not, etc. It is surprisingly easy to fall into these traps. Thanks!


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Jun 23, 2006
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I'm currently enrolled in a TPR course and to answer your question when reading your passage, you should always have a bottom line. A bottom line is a phrase that summarizes your passage. Once you have your bottom line, when looking at the answer choices automatically cross out the answer that is too extreme ( unless the passage was written in that manner). Also, the MCAT Verbal section for the most part is RARELY controversial, so you can automatically cross that answer choice. Then look for the answer choice which is half right, which will include a true AND false statement. Hopefully, you will be left with two choices, choose the one which is closer to your bottom line. For instance if the question is a strengthen question, make sure to choose the answer that supports your bottom line. Also, play VERY close attention to the wording of the answer because that can make a difference.

I hope that helped a bit, good luck :)