Veterans - Were any of you reapplicants?

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Mar 11, 2021
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Hey everyone,

Some context: I'm a U.S. Army veteran planning to apply in May with mediocre sats (3.3cGPA,3.7sGPA) FL average ~510 so far. I was a medic, so I have a ton of valuable experiences to write about. I've heard plenty of stories about how being a veteran really adds to your application. In fact, every veteran I've spoken to was accepted their first cycle.

Are there any veterans out there that applied to >10 schools and were rejected by all of them? If so, what do you think went wrong?

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Not much to add here because I haven't applied, but good luck! Also applying next cycle fresh out of a post-bacc program.
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I have had Veterans who have been rejected and usually for the same reason as everybody else: not sufficient academics or MCAT. you have to be able to prove academic ability no Matter how good the rest of your application. In your case it is likely to be both MCAT as well as grade Trends

Just for an example which I must make Somewhat vague. I have an utterly outstanding, superstar level veteran a few cycles ago. Had the GPA but thought they could simply power through the MCAT and would not listen to advice. They took the exam multiple times with dismal results. Nobody gave this person interview.
That makes sense. I haven't applied yet, I was just asking if other veterans have been rejected with decent stats. What was that veteran's MCAT score? I've been studying since August, and take it in January.

Thanks for the info!
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Lower than I knew it could go. More than once.

If you have decent to competitive stats 3.5-3.6 or higher) decent MCAT or higher 505-510) or higher, and a reasonable array of EC, the veteran status can push over the edge. But again, every applicant needs to should ability for sustained academic performance
Wow, doing everything I can to make sure I'm not in the same situation. My EC's are good and my GPA is mediocre. Shooting for a high MCAT to balance everything out.