1. B

    Any folks here who have served as medical officers in the reserves? How is the pay in comparison to being a civilian physician?

    Also what was your experience like? - What branch/specialty are you in? - Were you active duty prior? - What was a typical drill weekend like? - Were you ever promoted in the reserves? - How many times did you get to deploy throughout your career? Plus anything else that comes to mind.
  2. N

    Army GDE FY 2022 results?

    Hello! Does anyone have a list of the most recent results for residency selections that they can share? Thanks!
  3. E

    Can an MD Direct Commission without completing residency?

    Hi everyone, Can an MD Direct Commission without completing residency? My partner is Army and has advised me to look into applying for both the Army and the Air Force for potential Direct Commission. We have spoken to a couple recruiters but they haven't seemed to know much about the process for...
  4. Ctoothy

    Army Army HPSP AEGD-1 Year Waitlist

    Hello! This is my very first post on SDN after many many years of lurking without an account. I finally have a question pressing enough to ask here. I’m a 4th year Army HPSP dental student who applied to the 1-Year AEGD and recently got placed on the waitlist, or OML. I wanted to reach out and...
  5. G

    Veterans - Were any of you reapplicants?

    Hey everyone, Some context: I'm a U.S. Army veteran planning to apply in May with mediocre sats (3.3cGPA,3.7sGPA) FL average ~510 so far. I was a medic, so I have a ton of valuable experiences to write about. I've heard plenty of stories about how being a veteran really adds to your...
  6. G

    Veterans - Were any of you reapplicants?

    Hey everyone, Some context: I'm a U.S. Army veteran planning to apply in May with mediocre sats (3.3cGPA,3.7sGPA) FL average ~510 so far. I was a medic, so I have a ton of valuable experiences to write about. I've heard plenty of stories about how being a veteran really adds to your...
  7. Puddin09'

    HPSP $20k sign on Bonus?

    Greetings, I am applying for Army and Navy HPSP and wondering whether accepting the 20k bonus for Army will bind me to the Army program even if I get accepted to the Navy after. Should I reject the 20k army bonus in hopes that I get into Navy HPSP? Or can I sign for the Army bonus and go Navy...
  8. T

    Chances of HPSP scholarship with asthma

    Hi all, I am a sophomore predental student who is hoping to apply to the HPSP scholarship for dental school. Ideally, I would like to serve with the Air Force but I recognize how competitive it is and am planning on applying to all three branches. I have been searching through forums and am...
  9. G

    Army 2019-2020 4-year Army Dental HPSP Waitlsit/OML

    Hello, I am currently on the Army OML for the 4 year HPSP. I have been since February. My question is basically, does anyone know if there is still hope to get off the waitlist at this point? I know in past cycles people have gotten off the waitlist around mid-June, but is July too late? Also...
  10. B

    Army HPSP: When to complete DCC and BOLC

    I am a current first year army HPSP medical student and I was planning on completing DCC this summer (between m1/m2 year) and then BOLC..idk.. between M4 year and residency? Unfortunately I am unable to complete DCC this year due to them not having enough spots anymore due to the COvid crisis...
  11. C

    Should I join the Army Reserve/ NG? Loan repayment? Read this

    I started the MDSSP thread back when I was in dental school and so many people reached out asking about the program because the info out there is trash. Now I have people reaching out asking about the AR/NG and the loan repayment. Ill tell you my experience and hopefully you can apply that to...
  12. P

    Army Dental Reserves

    Hi everyone, Im a 3rd year dental student starting to consider my options upon graduation. I am planning on working with my dad at his private practice, but his practice is fairly small and he pretty much works part time since he is close to retiring. He is planning on handing the practice...
  13. A

    Endodontist for Army reserve ?

    Hello everyone, Anyone have joined the army/navy reserved as an endodontist before ? have you guys experienced it ? They don't have endo positions like for OS or Pros so will treated as a GD from what I was told. I'm an endo resident on my first year of a three years program. few friends have...
  14. AmericanHero

    All Branch Topic (ABT) VA specialty after Service

    Do military members applying to VA programs have preferential treatment compared to civilians applying? The application paper work asks if you have prior service. Is this the same type of deal as when applying to civilian jobs in the VA where there is a clear preference and job ranking for prior...
  15. S

    What is the lifestyle like for HSPS Army doctors after finishing residency?

    I am very curious about what life is like during the four years of active duty for Army pediatricians. Are there any current Army pediatricians that can share some details of their current life? or if you aren't in Peds, what is your specialty? I would greatly appreciate input on where you are...
  16. D

    Opportunities for MDs/DOs in special operations

    Hello all. Hopefully I can spark up some discussion that hasn't been already covered in these forums. I currently serve as an AD Army EOD officer, but will be separating shortly to take my pre-reqs for medical school. I am more than likely going to apply to USUHS to practice operational/military...
  17. LSMarshall

    Army HPSP Army General Surgery Residency Information

    Attached is the slideshow the Army's "Annual Medical Education Update from 2019" which has a lot of basics. There are still a few worth while questions HPSP students like myself may find useful. I realize the questions I ask below vary year-by-year based on Army needs. That said, historical...
  18. Armyhealth

    Class of 2024 Veterinary Scholarship

    If you are applying to vet school next cycle and interested in the Army's scholarship come and say hi and ask any questions!
  19. Armyhealth

    Dental HPSP class of 2024

    If you are applying for the upcoming cycle and are interested in applying for a military scholarship come say hi or ask any questions!
  20. Armyhealth

    Class of 2024 HPSP

    If your applying to med school next cycle and considering a military scholarship come and ask questions or say hi. Good luck to all those applying!
  21. A

    Planning for the end days

    Senior SDN docs, In 6 months, I'll be within the 1 year window to submit my unqualified resignation (AD Army, 12 yrs TIS [includes residency]). Based on my preliminary research, there seems to be a whole bunch of pitfalls (lost paperwork, begging people for signatures, etc.) associated with...
  22. angryfruitbat

    Former Army National Guard and Medical School

    Hi all, I am currently serving in the Texas Army National Guard and will be administratively separated soon (within a month or so). I was transferred to a medical command unit after an injury from which I am being discharged honorably. I never deployed, so I won't be considered a veteran. How...
  23. J

    Army medic experience and injury


    Army Spouse Employment

    I will be entering medical school next fall and I'm currently trying to decide if the HPSP is right for me/ my family. It seems like there is A LOT to digest in regards to the current status and future changes to milmed specifically dealing with GME. While I am keeping all that in mind I was...
  25. M

    Military PT Information

    Hello! I am a pre-physical therapy student actively working on my undergrad. I absolutely want to be a therapist in the military, but I was hoping to become one through the military (for assistance with tuition and all that jazz). I am stuck between the Army and the Air Force, I have done lots...
  26. M

    Military Physical therapist Info

    Hello! I am a pre-physical therapy student actively working on my undergrad. I absolutely want to be a therapist in the military, but I was hoping to become one through the military (for assistance with tuition and all that jazz). I am stuck between the Army and the Air Force, I have done lots...
  27. A

    Will it be difficult matching into Army IM without research/publications?

    Army HPSP MS3 thinking internal medicine. Unfortunately, I struggled more than I would have liked my first two years of medical school, and hesitated to get involved in research. If it makes any difference, I served as a student leader for two student groups and I should be able to present an...
  28. A

    MD & DO HPSP: Anyone with experience matching into internal med?

    Current Army HPSP recipient and M3 at allopathic school, leaning towards internal medicine right now. Based on the available match data, the Army internal medicine residency program never seems to fill with applicants and a newsletter from last year mentioned that IM, FM, psych, and pathology...
  29. A

    MD Army HPSP Student: Step 1 score too low for OB/Gyn?

    Current M3, into my 6 month family medicine rotation and I've had the chance to shadow in various specialties. After working with an OB/Gyn physician in clinic and OR, I'm starting to really enjoy the specialty. I'll be doing my audition rotations and applying to residency programs next summer...
  30. T

    Army Residency Rank List

    I'm looking for advice regarding applying to a specialty with less than 5 sites. For instance, psych and neuro have only 2 sites, respectively, but we need to rank 5 locations. The question of what to do with the other 3 spots is complicated by the rumor I have heard that if you rank something...
  31. M

    Finding night/weekend classes in Hawaii

    Hey all! I currently live in Hawaii and am heavily interested in applying to the Army-Baylor DPT program. This program requires that all labs be taken in-person. I work full time and I'm three pre-requisites behind (Anatomy, Physiology, and Biology). I have scoured the interwebs and cannot...
  32. F

    Conflicted about HPSP

    I am interested in emergency medicine/surgery. so I know I can pursue those specialities with the HPSP. However, I am concerned about my career after I fulfil the 4 years. Will there be limitations when I return to civilian healthcare? will I be at advantage/disadvantage? Are there any strings...
  33. N

    Vet Corps but not HSPS

    Hey everyone! I'm currently a second year vet student considering joining the Vet Corps after graduation. However, I did not apply for the HSPS lasts year just to keep options open. Has anyone pursued the Vet Corps after graduation not on the HSPS and can exlain how it works/the timeline while...
  34. TaylorPsyD

    Army What is the likelihood of a military couple being stationed together?

    My fiancée is in Veterinary school on a HSPS scholarship and will (obviously) be joining the army upon graduation. I, on the other hand, am a recent Psy.D graduate. I was wondering, if I were to also join the army, what would our chances of colocation be? Would the potential of staying together...
  35. Badgers2

    Army How do you become a Public Health Dentist (63H)?

    Since Public Health Dentist is a designated MOS on the Army's website, I figured that they would have their own dental public health residency program. However, I haven't been able to find anything on it or what qualifications you need to be considered a 63H. If anyone has any insight on the...
  36. H

    Navy/Army/Air Force Eligibility with Asthma.....

    FYI to people wanting to work in the military post-dental school. If you have asthma (like me), you are more then likely not going to be able to. I spoke to a recruiter on the phone and he said I may be able to get it waived after telling them I played NCAA hockey and that my asthma is mild, so...
  37. H

    Navy/Army scholarship plus having a spouse

    Hey guys, So I am entering my D1 and have been on the phone with my current dentist. He has been pushing me to go the Navy/Army route. I am super interested as it makes the most sense financially, however, I am unsure. I have a serious girlfriend and we will be engaged within a year or so. She...
  38. A

    Military + Online Degree (in person state school prereqs), July MCAT. When to submit primary?

  39. N

    Navy Army vs Navy reserves general Military

    Hello All I've been interested in joining the reserves following gen surg residency (presently newly minted pgy3) but have been torn between what branch to join. I've narrowed to navy vs army since they appear to be the more active for gen surg and in more need. I have an interest to also join...
  40. DocArmy

    Army Repeat MEB's

    It's been a hot minute since I was around here, but I have a question for the AD docs, army specifically. I was told by a colleague that the Army is repeating MEB's for anyone who was retained on active duty after the Valentines day memo. He said they'd contacted him and that he'd be redoing...