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Feb 11, 2017
My girlfriend who is a Vet manager in China is going to move over to Singapore to be with me in the near future. Are there any Vets in Singapore with good information on her career prospects here? Please message.

She is a vet manager with a few years of experience, but unfortunately her degree is not recognized by US/UK/Aus standards. She has also said she will not work as a vet tech (because of the heavy physical work) or study for the NAVLE exams (too hard).

I have tried to contact the local authorities, vet association and even individual clinics, but the replies are cursory and not very helpful. Hope I can find better help here.


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Aug 22, 2004

If your girlfriend doesnt have a recognized degree in vet medicine, it would be difficult for her to work as a vet. If she wants to levarage her experience as a vet manager, then one has to ask what sort of skillset does she bring to the table? Why should a singapore vet hospital hire a Canadian who may not know the intricacies of the singapore veterinary profession and healthcare industry over a local?

For a vet nursing job, she would not need a degree just some experience and willingness to do hard stuff but that seems unlikely given your girlfriend's aversion to manual labour
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