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  1. need some advise on this situation -- went to a large university on the west coast. ****ed up in a science class by collaborating on a physics lab with another student and was pulled up by the student honor society. basically got a F in the lab and a year of social probation (go figure). Funny thing is I got a A in the class and the prof has even agreed to write a reco without mentioning any **** as he does not think I cheated.
    Anyways, should I mention this as an ACADEMIC violation or a disciplinary violation on my dental school applications?
    Do dental school check back with undergrad schools after admission? how should i deal with this situation? :confused:
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    Does this F show up on your transcript, cuz if it does I think you will have a hard time hiding it from an admissions committee. However, if it does not show up on your transcript, I say that you dont mention it.
    "Its not a lie if you believe it." - George Costanza
    If your prof thinks you didnt cheat, I say go with it.

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