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Sep 28, 2001
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are you a resident at VM?
did you rotate tehre as a med student?
do you know someone who is a resident there?
are you just CA program saavy?

please post. i'd like as much info as is out there about this program. i already searched the forum.

of particular interest are the PGY 1 year they offer and more specifics about their curriculum.

also, can you really live on 39k in seattle?

thanks in advance to all responders.


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Oct 3, 2003
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I interviewed there and was quite impressed. Would have ranked it first but I had obligations to stay in the midwest. Although it isn't a universtiy based program and the average age of the pt population is around 60 (no young'ns there) the anesthesia dept is very strong and well regarded. You'll rip through whipples and hearts as there is a very high turnover rate (private surgeons).

Other pluses: Month of TEE, very dedicated teaching staff, motivated residents, humane schedule (at least compared to Rush and UW), tight relationship with surgical residents (saw some high 5's), regional guru's, Seattle rocks. Trauma and ICU at Harborview down the road where you'll rub shoulders with Udub residents. Rotate at different hospitals to cover your ob and peds.

Overall the atmosphere was conducive to learning, I felt comfortable there, and the residents were pleased with the program. In fact during interviews they left us alone with the residents in the OR's during cases. That in itself was impressive and unique.

39k will be tight if you want to live and live it up downtown. Hope this was helpful.