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Chelsea Boys

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Feb 2, 2024
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Hi everyone,
I’m just wondering how the matching program works if you are sitting NAVLE in the November-December period. Application deadlines for internships through the VIRMP are typically early January, are you still able to preference and apply for programs if you are waiting for your NAVLE results? My understanding is NAVLE results may be released after the VIRMP application deadline, hence the confusion.
Thank you 😊

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Everyone is waiting on NAVLE results when match applications are due. You just apply. Should you find out in January that you didn’t pass, there’s still time to take it a second time in April and get results before internships start. If you don’t pass it the second time you would probably lose your spot (though that could be dependent on the program and how much direct supervision you have), but like 99% of people are gonna pass on the first try or the second attempt. Programs don’t make you have proof of passing to apply…if that was a requirement there’d be no applicants.

The bigger headache I faced was actually that we couldn’t apply for actual licensure with the state until we had a diploma in hand after graduation and the turnaround time for the state to actually issue the licenses was so long that our licenses hadn’t been fully approved yet the day we started internship 6 weeks after graduation. But they trickled in over that first week and we were cleared to start seeing patients.
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Just to add to JaynaAli's excellent response, NAVLE only matters if you need a license for the internship. Many (but not all) academic programs don't require a state license.

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