Virtual Anesthesiology Residency Forum WED 08/23- all interested students welcome!

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Mar 28, 2019
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Hi guys! The Anesthesiology Interest Group at NYMC is hosting their annual Virtual Residency Forum. This is a three-part series where program directors and residents from the NYC Metropolitan Area will be talking about their programs and answering questions from students (anonymous questions and non-anonymous questions can be submitted). The schedule of events is as follows:

August 23 @ 6 PM - SUNY Downstate and St. Joseph's
September 6 @ 6 PM - Westchester Medical Center, Mt. Sinai Morningside & West, Montefiore
September 20 @ 6 PM - Zucker SOM, Stonybrook, and Hackensack

The NYMC AIG will be live streaming the event on their youtube channel (it won't appear as a prescheduled event, but if you go to their youtube channel at 6 PM on the day of the event, you will see when they go live and be able to join).

Youtube account:
You can ask questions in the youtube chat.
Anonymous question can also be submitted via Slido: Join Slido: Enter #code to vote and ask questions

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