Nov 20, 2013
Hi all...

Anyone know of a source to buy flashcards with more than just text on them? I've read good reviews on a few companies, but they all seem to be text only: Kaplan in a box, Wiki physics, barron, etc. I've also browsed the various internet sites (Quizlet is my favorite), but cannot find a set of flashcards with images on them anywhere.

I've actually made quite a few flashcards of my own, but I find looking at another person's view/creation is helpful in preventing too much monotony that may come in my own work. In other words, the diversity helps me make connections faster than when using my own stuff in isolation.

I am an extremely visual learner, and so images/pictures help me retain (and understand) concepts much more efficiently than notes/text.

Thanks for looking...

edit: ps... I should mention too, that I'm studying for the MCAT without having taken the prereqs. I have posted my reasons (legitimate) in another thread ( Thus, I'm not only using the flashcards to "rehash" old stuff and/or fill in terminology/vocabulary gaps from the prereqs, rather I'm using them as a supplement to aid in repetitive rehearsal of newly learned material so I can retain this overflow of education more efficiently.
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