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Jun 3, 2016
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So I'm not sure if my volunteering experience is up to standard.

I was an volunteer intern at a rehab clinic for 30-40hrs per week last spring. It ended up around 600+ hours of medically related experience. I volunteered at this clinic in the past as an undergrad, and when I was required to take an internship I wanted to continue serving there. So probably ~80 hours of strict volunteering (as in I went in solely because I wanted to help) which I listed on my primary app.
Then ~600 hours of interning (it was an academic requirement but I was allowed to choose where I spent my time.) I could have chosen a hospital but the community of the clinic is dear to me and I wanted to continue serving them.

Shadowing: 200 hours, many meaningful experiences I wrote about in my PS and Secondaries.

Nonmedical volunteering:
Here's where it gets tricky, I was a founding member of a Greek Letter Organization and we implemented a 20 hour/semester philanthropy requirement. I filled this requirement in many ways, be it donating food or clothes, volunteering at charity fundraisers etc...

I grouped all that "odd job" volunteering into one work/activity post on my primary. In that post I spoke about my role founding and developing the org. It was more of a leadership experience post but I listed some of the charities we benefitted since it's impossible for me to tally hours and find a contact for every different small philanthropic event. I mentioned how much money we raise every year for cancer research as well. (Like 12k)

When asked about meaningful volunteer experiences on secondaries I spoke about one of those events volunteering for the organization.

Is this enough volunteering so that it will at least not act against me in the admissions process?

Some stats:

3.8 cGPA w/massive upward trend
3.85 sGPA
512 MCAT
Multiple pubs/co-author of clinical research.
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