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Sep 24, 2001
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I've heard that there are a lot of opportunities available to volunteer at VA medical centers, and that they will let you do a lot?(ie, they will let you do more than a community/universtiy bases hospital) Is this true?

For anyone with any experience in this, what type of opportunities are available? Exactly what will they train you to do and what will they let you do.

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Mar 22, 2002
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Veteran's Hospital.
I have no idea about the volunteering, but I used to work at a VA hospital and it sucked :) I would imagine the patients you'd be working with would be interesting.


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Jan 18, 2002
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I volunteered for a summer at the VA in Cincinnati. I worked in the ER and just talked to the patients and tried to make them comfortable (brought them extra blankets, pillows, etc).

I also basically shadowed the ER residents that moonlighted there from the Univ. of Cincy.

Overall it was a great undergraduate experience. I was able to do it a couple times a week in the evenings after work and really learned a lot.
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