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Major Groove

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Aug 29, 2008
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I have wanted to volunteer for over two years now, but most of the time I discover that the clinic is closed, my repeated phone calls go repeatedly unanswered, or if I am allowed to volunteer I end up "observing," which is not helpful to anyone.

I have had the opportunity to Assist on a root canal, and I've retrieved burs, addressed equipment problems, grabbed cotton rolls and so forth. Obviously volunteering is a great way to improve my application, and the networking is priceless, but I honestly enjoy doing it and I can see the difference in my soft skills and the hard skills as a result.

The trouble is I expend a lot of energy beating the pavement looking for opportunities, applying, waiting for background checks to clear and all the rest, only to find out they work once a month.


Has anyone else experienced this, and if so how can it be overcome? I want to assist chairside on a weekly basis or better, and I want to work in a restorative clinic. Extractions are fine, but it pains me to see perfectly good teeth go.

I know they are out there, I have worked with them before.

But how do I get hooked up with more?!

At some of them it seems they are more strict than a paying employer. What's the deal?