Oct 13, 2008
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"For which of the following conclusions does the passage offer the least support?"

The explanation for one of the incorrect answers to this question is that "it is NOT a PASSAGE conclusion."

Perhaps I have less English ability than I would like to admit, but the prompt really does not say to me "passage conclusions." I can understand how that could be surmised, but to me "conclusion" means "statements given in the answers section." Are there some really iffy question stems like that on the MCAT itself? Am I missing an obvious grammatical link that would make this sort of prompt easier to discern in intent?


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Dec 22, 2008
ek101 does that to you. take it with a grain of salt. your scores wont reflect your actual improvement. but that doesnt mean you should stop using ek. just know that youre doing better than theyd have you believe